Fast Fold Front Projection Screen 100″ 16:9


Portable, fast folding 100 inch, 16:9 front projection screen with transport case.

Soft PVC screen: GAIN 1.1, view angle is greater than 160 degrees, good color restoring effect, soft ray of light. The screen surface is smooth and foldable.

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With self-patented inner lock, this screen is better than traditional outer-lock folding screens. Inner lock does not affect the frame appearance and there are no protruding parts. The vital frame locking system is designed inside the tube, it’s protected and is long lasting.

The high-strength aluminium frame is fully foldable. In order to secure the screen during shipping, it is packed with aviation anti-explosion packaging carton, which is composed of intense anti-pressure and anti-shock material. Also it has rollers to ensure that it can be moved anywhere.

The adjustable support frame can be adjusted to achieve different screen heights.

The soft PVC screen material is made with high flexibility. The edge is effectively combined with cross pointer and both screen and edge of screen have relevant shrink room so the two will not shrink with the change of temperature and humidity (-25 degrees to +55 degrees). Both front and back side adopts A-class highly flexible PVC soft screen, distinguished from traditional soft screen, and the folding trace will recover in short time after stretching. The surface is embossed to get rid of dazzle flight, enlarging the viewing angle and improving definition to make the picture more magnificent.

This screen is ideal for large-scale screenings, especially concerts, live tour exhibitions, pop up cinema, public displays, etc.

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Screen Size

100" Diagonal

Aspect Ratio


Projection Type

Front Projection