Slush Machine – Double Bowl




Price is for 1 day/night hire.
Delivery, setup, collection and cleaning is included.

Upgrades and Addons

Need cocktail cups? Upgrade for $4.50 per 6 pack.

Need large red party cups? Upgrade for $5 per 25 pack.

Need more drinks? Add additional serves for $25 per 60 serves (per flavour).





Hire a double bowl slush machine for your party or event. Slush machines (also known as slushie machine, frozen cocktail machine, granita machine, daiquiri machine, margarita machine) will be a big hit with kids and adults alike! You may choose to add your own alcohol to our mixes to make frozen cocktails.

Delivery and collection is included. Upgrades and additional party hire equipment also available.


  • Easy and quick to use
  • How to use instruction provided
  • Free delivery and pickup


  • Approx 120 serves
  • Bonus 100 regular 200ml plastic cups and bio scoop straws
  • Choice of 2 out of 50 possible alcoholic or kids flavours
  • You will need to add your own alcohol if you are serving alcoholic cocktails

Making frozen cocktails or mocktails? See this blog post for tips on how to mix frozen cocktail flavours

Double Bowl Slush Machine
Double Bowl Slush Machine

With your choice of 2 out of 50 possible flavours.

Slush Machine Regular Cups
Slush Machine Regular Cups

Choose regular cups for kids or general parties.

Slush Machine Cocktail Cups
Slush Machine Cocktail Cups

Choose cocktail cups when you need something a bit fancy.

Delivery, setup, testing and collection is included with all packages

Our friendly and experienced technicians will take care of all the hard stuff, allowing you to simply enjoy the event.

  • FAQ’s

    How do I book?
    You can book online from this website or contact us.
    • Bookings require a 10% deposit to reserve and must be paid in full prior to the event or on delivery.
    What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Visa and Mastercard for deposits, and you can the remainder by pay cash on delivery or have the final payment charged to a card also.
    Is additional equipment available?
    All packages can be upgraded or added to from our entire inventory of equipment.
    Can I pick up my equipment?
    All of our packages include delivery/collection and setup by our technicians for free. We are not currently setup to cater for customer pickups.
    How does delivery work?
    When you make your booking we will ask you for a time/date and address for both delivery and collection.
    • We will send you an sms and email 24 hours prior to your booking to confirm final delivery time.
    • Our technicians will setup, test and provide a how to use lesson.
    • Then we will return to collect the equipment at the agreed time.
  • The flavours are listed in order of popularity starting with the most popular at the top. If you are not sure which flavours to choose, just select some of the flavours at the top of the list. If you don't quite know which flavours to order, just select TBA in the booking form and email us your selections later. COCKTAIL RANGE: These can be used as cocktails or mocktails. We do not supply the alcohol, just the base flavour. Most people add 1L of alcohol per flavour although you can add between 700ml and 1400ml per flavour. A strong alcohol such as Tequila may taste better at the lower end of that range. Frosé (Frozen Rosé) requires 4L of Rosé Wine.
    •    Fruit Tingle {Orange, Banana, Pineapple, Passion fruit} [Add VODKA]
    •    Strawberry Daiquiri {The Classic Strawberry Daiquiri.} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Margarita {Lemon/Lime flavoured cocktail with a tequila kick.} [Add VODKA or TEQUILA]
    •    Mojito {Lime flavoured cocktail with a hint of mint} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Piña Colada {Pineapple and coconut} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Sex on the Beach {Peach, Cranberry, Orange} [Add VODKA]
    •    Blue Lagoon {Orange, Pineapple, Coconut} [Add VODKA or WHITE RUM]
    •    Cola {Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch or Rum and Cola} [Add BOURBON, WHISKEY, SCOTCH or RUM]
    •    Cosmopolitan {Cranberry, Orange, Lime, Strawberry}[Add VODKA]
    •    Mellusion (Midori Flavour) {Melon and Pineapple.} [Add VODKA]
    •    Melon Splice (Midori Flavour) {Melon, Pineapple, Coconut} [Add VODKA]
    •    Mango Daiquiri {Sensational real mango daiquiri.} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Caribbean Crush {A blend of tropical fruits.} [Add WHITE RUM or VODKA]
    •    Blue Hawaii {Lemon, Peach, Orange} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Frosé (Frozen Rosé) {Light Fruity Wine} [Add 4L ROSE WINE]
    •    Purple Haze {Mixed Berries} [Add VODKA]
    •    Red Gladiator (Red Bull Flavour) [Add VODKA]
    •    Lemon Lime Bitters Lemon Lime Bitters [Add VODKA]
    •    Coyote Ugly {Passion fruit, Black Currant, Mango, Orange} [Add VODKA]
    •    Tequila Sunrise {Orange, Grenadine} [Add TEQUILA]
    •    Jungle Juice {Pineapple, Coconut, Banana} [Add WHITE RUM]
    •    Head Rush {Orange, Peach, Strawberry} [Add VODKA]
    GRANITA: (Standard / kids slushy mix - You can add alcohol also if you want)
    •    Blue Lemon {Blue lemonade flavour}
    •    Raspberry {Pure awesome raspberry}
    •    Cola {That classic cola taste}
    •    Pink Lemonade {Always a favourite}
    •    Bubble Gum {Tutti fruiti bubble gum bliss}
    •    Lime {Classic green lime}
    •    Tropical {A tropical blend of fruit flavours}
    •    Grape {The best tasting grape flavour around}
    •    Strawberry {Real Strawberry flavour}
    •    Watermelon {Great refreshing taste}
    •    Pine Lime {Pineapple and lime blend}
    •    Lemon Lime {The perfect blend of lemon and lime}
    •    Mango {The real taste of iced mango}

    *Our flavours are gluten free and vegan.

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